Scripture Verse

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8


Albert B. Simpson (1843–1919)

Words: Al­bert B. Simp­son, 1890. Com­pare the re­frain of This Same Je­sus (Ha­ver­gal).

Music: James H. Burke (🔊 pdf nwc).

James H. Burke (1855–1901)


O how sweet the glo­ri­ous mes­sage
Simple faith may claim:
Yesterday, to­day, for­ev­er
Jesus is the same.
Still He loves to save the sin­ful,
Heal the sick and lame,
Cheer the mourn­er, still the tem­pest,
Glory to His name.


Yesterday, to­day, for­ev­er,
Jesus is the same.
All may change, but Je­sus ne­ver!
Glory to His name! Glory to His name!
Glory to His name!
All may change, but Je­sus nev­er!
Glory to His name!

He who was the friend of sin­ners
Seeks the lost one now;
Sinner come, and at His foot­stool
Penitently bow.
He who said I’ll not co­ndemn thee,
Go and sin no more,

Speaks to thee that word of par­don
As in days of yore.


Oft on earth He healed the suf­fe­rer
By His migh­ty hand;
Still our sick­ness­es and so­rrows
Go at His com­mand;
He who gave His heal­ing vir­tue
To a wo­man’s touch,
To the faith that claims His full­ness
Still will give as much.


He who par­doned err­ing Pe­ter
Never needst thou fear;
He who came to faith­less Tho­mas
All thy doubt will clear;
He who let the loved dis­ci­ple
On His bo­som rest,
Bids thee still, with love as ten­der,
Lean upon His breast.


He who ‘mid the rag­ing bil­lows
Walked up­on the sea
Still can hush our wild­est tem­pest,
As on Ga­li­lee;
He who wept and prayed in ang­uish
In Geth­se­ma­ne
Drinks with us each cup of trem­bling,
In our ago­ny.


As of old He walked to Em­maus,
With them to abide,
So through all life’s way He walk­eth
Ever near our side;
Soon again we shall be­hold Him,
Hasten Lord the day;
But twill still be this same Je­sus
As He went away.