The street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.@Revelation 21:21

W. J. Harvey, in Gospel Pearls (Washington, DC: Sunday School Publishing Board, National Baptist Convention, USA, 1921), number 141. Dedicated to the Metropolitan Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn[essee].

Equatoria W. J. Harvey, 1921 (🔊 pdf nwc).

There’s a bright home on high, we shall see by and by,
Where no darkness nor shadow will be;
For God’s glory will shine with a brightness divine;
That bright home is for you and for me.


What a wonderful place, we shall see by His grace,
With its mansions and streets paved with gold;
In that bright home above we shall rest in His love,
While the years of eternity roll.

There the streets, we are told, all are glittering gold,
White robed angels are singing God’s praise;
And the saints catch the strain, make it echo again,
Mighty chorus of triumph they raise.


Oh, how sweet it will be, when those bright lights we see,
Greeting dear ones who’ve gone on before;
We will fall at His feet and His praises repeat,
Blessèd Savior we’ll love and adore.