Scripture Verse

Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness. Psalm 65:11


Carl E. Yenetchi

Words: Carl & Bet­ty Ye­net­chi, 2011.

Music: John Wor­ces­ter (1834–1900) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Betty J. Yenetchi


We all look forward to this new year,
Given to us by our dear Lord.
A year for us all to be growing in spirit and in love,
A year for us all to be learning,
The things that the Lord will teach.
All things full of love so true,
The things He’d have us do.

O what a blessing is this new year,
Filled with joy and peace for us,
Preparing our hearts for the coming
Of a wondrous new time.
New glorious bells will be ringing,
Our voices sing loud and clear,
Spreading love from our Lord and Savior,
The One who loves us all.

What a joyous time of true peace,
Keeping with the prophecy,
Of loving each other we increase,
And loving hearts ne’er cease.
Angelic refrains make our hearts new,
Filled with such truth divine.
Love comes surely from Heaven,
A healing love so sublime.