Scripture Verse

Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness. Psalm 65:11


Carl E. Yenetchi (1953–)

Words: Carl & Bet­ty Ye­net­chi, 2011.

Music: John Wor­ces­ter (1834–1900) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Betty J. Yenetchi (1950–)


We all look for­ward to this new year,
Given to us by our dear Lord.
A year for us all to be grow­ing in spir­it and in love,
A year for us all to be learn­ing,
The things that the Lord will teach.
All things full of love so true,
The things He’d have us do.

O what a bless­ing is this new year,
Filled with joy and peace for us,
Preparing our hearts for the com­ing
Of a won­drous new time.
New glo­ri­ous bells will be ring­ing,
Our voic­es sing loud and clear,
Spreading love from our Lord and Sav­ior,
The One who loves us all.

What a joy­ous time of true peace,
Keeping with the pro­phe­cy,
Of lov­ing each other we in­crease,
And lov­ing hearts ne’er cease.
Angelic re­frains make our hearts new,
Filled with such truth di­vine.
Love comes sure­ly from Hea­ven,
A heal­ing love so sub­lime.