The love of Christ, which passeth knowledge.@Ephesians 3:19

Flora Kirkland, in Glad Tidings, edited by James H. Rosecrans (New York: Fillmore Brothers, 1899).

Humboldt H. W. Porter (🔊 pdf nwc).

O, condescension wonderful!
O boundless love, surpassing thought!
That Christ, the mighty Counselor,
From Heav’n to earth salvation brought!


O love divine! O, matchless grace!
O, mercy flowing full and free!
With wondrous love and winning voice,
We hear Him whisper, Come to Me.

O, joy to know that He is mine!
This wondrous Friend beyond compare!
O, joy above all human joy,
He will a place for me prepare!


O, peace that passeth human thought!
The peace of God so freely given!
The world cannot this peace destroy,
This peace that fills the soul with Heav’n!