Scripture Verse

Let us bow down in worship. Psalm 95:6


Words: Jo­seph S. Shoe­mak­er, in Hymns and Tunes (Elk­hart, In­di­ana: Men­non­ite Pub­lish­ing, 1890), page 5.

Music: Ste­phen­son Jo­seph S. Shoe­mak­er (🔊 pdf nwc).


We now have met to wor­ship Thee,
And glo­ri­fy Thy name, dear Lord;
Help ev­ery one at­tent­ive be,
And heed the teach­ing of Thy Word.
Fill ev­ery heart with love di­vine,
Teach ev­ery tongue Thy praise to sing.


Help each to say, Lord, we are Thine,
And all we have to Thee we bring.
That when our bo­dies turn to dust,
Our souls in Heav’n be glo­ri­fied.

Assist thy ser­vant to pro­claim
The Gos­pel mes­sage plain and pure,
That all who hear ac­cept the same,
And make in Thee sal­va­tion sure.
In Thee alone help us to trust,
And in Thy love and laws abide,