Scripture Verse

Let us bow down in worship. Psalm 95:6


Words: Jo­seph S. Shoe­mak­er, in Hymns and Tunes (Elk­hart, In­di­a­na: Men­non­ite Pub­lish­ing, 1890), page 5.

Music: Ste­phen­son Jo­seph S. Shoe­mak­er (🔊 pdf nwc).


We now have met to worship Thee,
And glorify Thy name, dear Lord;
Help every one attentive be,
And heed the teaching of Thy Word.
Fill every heart with love divine,
Teach every tongue Thy praise to sing.


Help each to say, Lord, we are Thine,
And all we have to Thee we bring.
That when our bodies turn to dust,
Our souls in Heav’n be glorified.

Assist thy servant to proclaim
The Gospel message plain and pure,
That all who hear accept the same,
And make in Thee salvation sure.
In Thee alone help us to trust,
And in Thy love and laws abide,