Where is thy God?@Psalm 42:3
Thomas T. Lynch

Tho­mas T. Lynch, The Ri­vu­let: A Con­tri­bu­tion to Sac­red Song 1855.

Blaydon Henry W. Little (1853–1913) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Where is thy God, my soul?
Is He within thy heart,
Or ruler of a distant realm
In which thou hast no part?

Where is thy God, my soul?
Only in stars and sun?
Or have the holy words of truth
His light in every one?

Where is thy God, my soul?
Confined to Scripture’s page?
Or does His Spirit check and guide
The spirit of each age?

O Ruler of the sky,
Rule thou within my heart;
O great adorner of the world,
Thy light of life impart.

Giver of holy words,
Bestow Thy holy power,
And aid me, whether work or thought
Engage the varying hour.

In Thee have I my help,
As all my fathers had;
I’ll trust Thee when I’m sorrowful,
And serve Thee when I’m glad.