Scripture Verse

Thou shalt sleep with thy fathers. Deuteronomy 31:16


Charles H. Gabriel

Words: Moses G. Shirley, 1904.

Music: Charles H. Ga­bri­el (🔊 pdf nwc).

Moses G. Shirley


Some day the sun of life will set,
And I shall fall asleep,
And, leaving all that I hold dear,
Will find the silence deep:
That mystery which, still unsolved,
God and His angels know,
And those who walk the crystal streams
Where heav’nly breezes blow,
Where grief nor sorrow ever come,
Nor trouble’s billows sweep;
Some day the Reaper will appear,
And I shall fall asleep.

Some day the cares of life will cease,
And I shall fall asleep,
And, passing from you, I shall see
Afar the golden street,
And sainted forms of those who dwell
Upon the other shore,
Behold the loves ones who from us
Awhile have gone before;
Where soft and cooling pathways lie,
Where none shall ever weep—
Some day the hour for me will come,
And I shall fall asleep.

Some day my work will all be done,
And I shall fall asleep,
But O what joy to know that I
Shall wake to never weep!
For where I go we know that God
Has promised perfect rest
And peace for every aching heart,
And every troubled breast;
And love more lasting than our own
He’ll give to me to keep,
When all my burdens are laid down,
And I have gone to sleep.