We would see Jesus.@John 12:21

Lizzie DeArmond, 1903.

Jay A. Ford (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lizzie DeArmond (1847–1936)

We would see Jesus, the babe in the manger,
Come to the world on this glad Christmas morn,
Fall down before Him with shepherds and wise men,
Giving our love to the King newly born.


We would see Jesus, we would see Jesus,
Worship the King we love and adore,
Born unto us one glad Christmas morning;
To His dear name be praise forevermore!

We would see Jesus, the Son of the Highest;
Angels with rapture His praises repeat;
Tho’ so unworthy, we come with rejoicing,
Bringing our treasures to lay at His feet.


We would see Jesus; in realms of the blessèd
Some day before Him the ransomed shall stand,
Seeing His face in its glorious beauty,
Wearing a crown in that paradise land.