Let the people praise Thee, O God.@Psalm 67:3
William Croft (1678–1727)

Ambrose M. Schmidt, in The Sunday School Hymnal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Heidelberg Press, 1900).

Hanover, attributed to William Croft, in The Supplement to the New Version of Psalms, by Nahum Tate & Nicholas Brady, 6th edition, 1708 (🔊 pdf nwc).

We praise Thee, O God, our Lord and our king,
Accept Thou the praise we gratefully bring;
Thanksgiving and worship we offer to Thee,
Thou ruler of nations, in whom we are free.

We praise Thee, O God, for Thy guiding hand,
In leading Thy church to freedom’s fair land;
Through sore persecution our fathers here came,
Where free and unfettered they worshipped Thy name.

We praise Thee, O God, for years of increase,
For faith unassailed, prosperity, peace;
United we offer our anthem of praise,
To Thee, our supporter, our Ancient of Days.

We pray Thee, O Christ, our Savior and friend,
From error and strife Thy Zion defend;
Breathe on us, we pray Thee, O Spirit of love,
And fit us for union with Thy church above.