Learn of Me.@Matthew 11:29

Maria Straub, in The Morning Light, by Solomon Straub (Chicago, Illinois: Root & Sons Music, 1880), number 4.

Solomon W. Straub (🔊 pdf nwc); the tune is similar to that of the German song Ein Jäger aus Kurpfalz.

Come, join our throng today,
Come children, come to Sabbath School;
We learn to sing and pray,
Our rule the golden rule.


Oh, welcome here,
This bright and holy Sabbath day,
Come join us in a song,
This holy Sabbath day.

Come, join with us to read
The Bible, Word of God to man;
Its lessons all we’ll need,
They teach salvation’s plan.


Come, wand’rer, join us here,
The Master, too, is calling thee;
Oh heed your Savior dear,
He says, Come learn of Me.