Scripture Verse

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty. Isaiah 6:3


Calvin W. Laufer

Words: Cal­vin W. Lau­fer, 1922.

Music: Ev­en­ing Light Cal­vin Lau­fer, 1922 (🔊 pdf nwc).


When comes the golden sunset
That trails God’s way on high,
And with its radiant splendor
Illumes the evening sky,
How are the hills and valleys
Aglow with crimson rays,
While nature’s deep toned organ
Lifts heavenward its praise:


Holy, holy! Angel voices sing it;
Holy, holy! Cloudy pinions wing it;
Holy, holy! Gleaming towers ring it;
Holy, holy, is the Lord most high.

So God reveals at sunset
The grandeur of His throne,
The deeper, fuller glory
Reserved to be our own;
And in that hour’s unfolding
Forgot are fear and pain
In love’s abounding solace,
In heaven’s great refrain:


Then come, blest hour of sunset,
Along the golden way,
And thrill us with the splendors
That fill life’s perfect day.
God is the end of living,
He satisfies the soul,
And they who seek His glory
Will find in Him their goal.