Shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.@Luke 2:8

William O. Bourne, in The Evergreen, by Theodore E. Perkins & T. J. Cook (New York: F. J. Huntington, 1862).

E. Moore (🔊 pdf nwc).

Watching on Judea’s plain,
Shepherds spent their dewy night,
When there came a heavenly train,
In their robes of spotless white;
Joyful news they brought to earth,
Long by prophet tongues foretold,
Tidings of our Savior’s birth,
Tuned with harps of shining gold.


Glory in the highest sing!
Glory be to God above!
Peace on earth we come to bring,
Unto men good will and love.

Let us raise an anthem now,
To the name of Christ our king,
And with joy and gladness bow,
While our youthful praise we sing,
Jesus is the children’s friend;
He will hear their earnest prayer;
He will lead them to the end
And will keep them in His care.


Let the joyful tidings fly
All the spacious earth around,
Till all lands beneath the sky
Hear and love the holy sound—
Till the Savior’s name is known,
Friend, Redeemer, Prince of Peace,
And in rapture to His throne
Praise shall evermore increase.