Walk in the light, as He is in the light.@1 John 1:7

Mattie A. Long, in The New Century Hymnal, edited by Will L. Thompson (East Liverpool, Ohio: Will L. Thompson & Company, 1904), number 36.

Lewis E. Jones (🔊 pdf nwc).

Walking with the Savior,
Walking in the light,
Keeping in the pathway
Of the truth and right;
Leading out of darkness
When I go astray,
I will walk with Jesus,
He will show the way.


Near to the Savior,
Safe in His love,
Nearer to the Father
In the home for all above.

Walking close to Jesus,
With Him ever near,
I have but to trust Him,
There is naught to fear;
And His love shall shield me,
In Him life is all,
With His arms about me
I can never fall.


Walking with the Savior,
May I do His will,
With His love and mercy,
He my heart will fill;
Walking in His pathway,
Life is ever bright
All is peace and glory,
Love and joy and light.