I stand at the door, and knock.@Revelation 3:20

Lil­li­an S. Web­ster, 1902.

Hart P. Danks (🔊 pdf nwc).

Hart P. Danks (1834–1903)

I am waiting at the portal;
Do not pass Me by!
Tho’ the cares of life are pressing,
Linger to receive a blessing,
Ere the night draws nigh.


At the portal, I am waiting,
I am waiting still for thee;
At the portal I am waiting,
Then come, O come to Me.

I am waiting at the portal;
Do I wait in vain?
Seeking only earthly pleasures
And rejecting heav’nly treasures
Do not bring thee gain.


I am waiting at the portal,
Patiently I wait;
In My Father’s name receiving
All who come to Me believing,
Ere it be too late.