Take, eat; this is My body.@Matthew 26:26
Johan O. Wallin (1779–1839)

Jo­han O. Wal­lin, 1813 (Vad Röst, Vad Lfuj­lig Röst Jag Hör). Trans­lat­ed from Swe­dish to Eng­lish by Sam­u­el M. Hill (verse 1) and Ernst W. Ol­son (verse 3) Trans­lat­or of verse 2 un­known.

St. James’ Stock­holm Ol­of Åhl­ström, 1825 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Samuel M. Hill (1851–1921)

A voice, a heav’nly voice I hear!
Arise, O soul, come and draw near
To hallow and revere
The day the Lord thy God doth make,
And of the bread of life partake.

I come, dear Jesus, at Thy word,
A guest unworthy to Thy board,
My Savior and my Lord.
O clothe me with Thy righteousness,
My soul with Thy salvation bless!

O Lord, who my Redeemer art,
Come Thou and purify my heart.
From Thee I’ll ne’er depart,
But wheresoe’er Thou leadest me
In constant faith I’ll follow Thee.