Death is swallowed up in victory.@1 Corinthians 15:54

Anna P. Hughes, 1909 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Ms. of this song was sent to me [Henry Gilmour] by Mrs. Geo Hughes, mother of the author for publication, that it might be used. It was sung by Anna, Sep. 4th, 1909, in Thornly Chapel Ocean Grove, N. J., in the 6:30 Temple Service. Anna was testifying that same day, when the Death Angel touched her heart, and she was not, for God took her.

Anna P. Hughes (1878–1909)

I’m walking with Jesus each day, yes I know;
He helps me to conquer in this world below;
Abiding, confiding, I’ll trust to the end;
Jesus is victor, on Him I’ll depend.


There’s vict’ry for me! yes, vict’ry for me,
Thro’ Jesus my captain there’s victory;
No ill can betide, with Christ by my side,
For He’ll gain the vict’ry for me.

Tho’ fierce be the battle, and long be the fray;
The Savior has promised to lead all the way;
So following closely, I’ll shout as I go!
Victory! victory, o’er every foe.


And when to the end of life’s conflict I’m near,
Death cannot affright me, no grave do I fear,
For Jesus hath conquered; once dead, now He lives!
Jesus my Savior the victory gives.