If God be for us, who can be against us?@Romans 8:31

Lucy Fair, in Consecrated Hymns, edited by Adam Geibel et al. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel & Lehman, 1902), number 153.

Joplin Alexander B. Morton, 1901 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Up, arouse ye; work, be earnest
In the cause we hold so dear,
Rally round the glorious standard,
We will conquer, never fear.
For our great commander, leader,
And the captain of our band,
Is the mighty King of Heaven,
And the ruler of the land.

Trusting in the Lord to give us
Grace and strength each day we live,
We have promised love and service
Unto Him we’ll ever give.
Are you ready? Are you willing?
For whatever work He gives?
Is His honor and His glory
The chief thing for which you live?

He perhaps may send us trials
That will cost us many a tear,
But He’s promised to be with us,
Hear His whisper—I am near.
Let us then go forward trusting,
Knowing that the Lord knows best;
Just a few more years of service,
Then He’ll say—Come home and rest.