I trust in Thee.@Psalm 25:2
Fanny Crosby (1820–1915)

Fanny Crosby, in Welcome Tidings, by Robert Lowry, Howard Doane, & Ira D. Sankey (New York: Biglow & Main, 1877).

W. Howard Doane (🔊 pdf nwc).

W. Howard Doane (1832–1915)

Simply trusting all the way,
Taking Jesus at His word;
Simply trusting, when I pray,
Every promise of my Lord.


Simply trusting, simply trusting,
Trusting Jesus, that is all;
To the cross of Christ I cling;
Simply trusting, that is all.

Trusting when my sky is bright,
Trusting when my heart is glad;
Trusting in the gloom of night,
When my every thought is sad.


Trusting when ’tis well with me,
Trusting whatsoe’er befall;
Trusting Jesus’ love for me,
Simply trusting, that is all.