Trust in God; trust also in Me.@John 14:1

Sallie M. Keeler, in Dew Drops of Sacred Song, by Tullius C. O’Kane (New York, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis: Philip Phillips/Hitchcock & Walden, 1870), number 47.

Baja E. Locke (🔊 pdf nwc).

’Tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
When dark temptation’s near,
When Satan waits to win us,
His gentle voice to hear.
To feel, tho’ heavy laden,
Jesus was tempted, too,
But, in His strength victorious,
We may our way pursue.

’Tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
Whatever may betide,
To know thro’ life’s dark warfare,
He’s ever at our side.
Tho’ clouds may thickly gather,
And all the heavens fill,
To know that close behind them
The sun is shining still.

’Tis sweet to know that Jesus
Supports the dying head,
And o’er death’s chilly waters,
By Him we shall be led.
That in His home of glory
A mansion is prepared,
By Him who died to save us,
If we’ve His sufferings shared.