Scripture Verse

O Lord my God, in Thee do I put my trust.@Psalm 7:1

Words: Ma­ry E. C. Wy­eth, in Hea­ven­ward, by James Mur­ray (Cleve­land, Ohio: S. Brain­ard’s Sons, 1877), num­ber 52.

Music: James R. Mur­ray (🔊 pdf nwc).

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James R. Murray

I am trusting, Lord, in Thee;
Though the night is cold and dark,
And the raging, stormy sea
Threatens to engulf my bark.


I am trusting, Lord in Thee,
I am trusting, Lord in Thee,
Trusting Thee, trusting Thee,
I am trusting all to Thee.

Long the journey, rough the main,
Still the harbor far away—
And I toil in numbing pain,
Through the billows’ icy spray.


Though Thy purposes seem dark,
Thou art faithful to perform.
And Thou bid’st me to embark,
And cross over in the storm.


So, obeying Thy command,
I am trusting, Lord, in Thee.
I am weary, far from land,
But salvation I shall see.