I delight to do Thy will.@Psalm 40:8

W. H. Pike, 1905.

Mrs. W. H. Pike (🔊 pdf nwc).

O gracious God, on Thee I wait,
With Thine own self my being fill;
As day by day my life I live,
To do Thy will, Thy blessèd will.


To do Thy will, yes, that is all;
To do Thy will, obey Thy call;
To follow, Lord, where Thou dost lead,
To do Thy will is all I need.

In trials oft I find myself,
With soul oppressed and body ill;
There is a place where peace is found,
’Tis in Thy will, Thy holy will.


And when the glimpse of glory comes,
That gives my soul a happy thrill,
My soul shall answer with delight,
I love, dear Lord, to do Thy will.