Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.@Luke 2:11
Martin Luther (1483–1546)

Mar­tin Lu­ther, in Geist­liche Lied­er (Wit­ten­berg, Ger­ma­ny: 1535) (Von Him­mel hoch da komm ich her). Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Eng­lish in the Mo­ra­vi­an Hymn Book, 1754 & 1789.

Von Him­mel Hoch, in Geist­liche Lied­er, by Val­en­tin Schu­mann (Leip­zig, Ger­ma­ny: 1539). Har­mo­ny by Jo­hann S. Bach (🔊 pdf nwc).

Johann S. Bach (1685–1750)

Today we celebrate the birth
Of Jesus Christ, who came on earth
Man as His property to claim,
And from perdition to redeem.

Awake, my heart! my soul, rejoice!
Look, who in yonder manger lies!
Who is that Child, so poor and mean?
‘Tis He who all things doth sustain.

Welcome, O welcome, noble Guest,
Who sinners not despisèd hast,
But cam’st into our misery.
How shall we pay due thanks to Thee?

Immanuel, incarnate God,
Prepare my heart for Thy abode;
O may I, through Thy aiding grace,
In all I do, show forth Thy praise.