Be not faithless, but believing.@John 20:27

J. Baldwin Brown, 1859.

St. Bernard (Richardson) Tochter Sion (Cologne, Germany: 1741); arranged by John Richardson (1816–1879) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thou, who our faithless hearts canst read,
And know’st each weakness there;
Poor, trembling, faint, with Thee we plead
O turn not from our prayer.

We cannot grasp from hour to hour
The truths Thy Gospel saith;
Then aid us by Thy heav’nly power,
And so increase our faith.

That we may trust Thy guardian care,
When no kind hand we see;
That we may lift our souls in prayer
Undoubtingly to Thee.

Help us to gaze on things unseen
By eyes of mortal sight;
To pierce through earth’s dark veil, and glean
Some beams of heav’nly light.

Thy glorious presence may we see,
When earth’s last tie is riven;
In faith then trust our souls to Thee,
Till we awake in Heav’n.