Scripture Verse

Thou art my rock. Psalm 71:3


Words & Mu­sic: George F. Root, 1885 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George F. Root (1820–1895)


Thou art my rock in the wide des­ert land,
Sheltered by Thee here in safe­ty I stand;
What tho’ the storms and the tem­pests may beat,
What tho’ the sun pour its fierce noon­tide heat:


Sheltered by Thee, shel­tered by Thee,
Here in the sha­dow from dan­ger I’m free.

Once I was wan­d’ring ex­posed to the storm,
Refuge there was none to shield me from harm;
Then ’twas I found in the broad des­ert way
Christ as my rock and with glad­ness could say:


Come to the rock so ma­jes­tic and grand;
Here in its shel­ter a mill­ion may stand;
Each one may feel that his hope here is sure,
Each one may say in his safe­ty secure: