Scripture Verse

There is none righteous…for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:10,23


Words & Mu­sic: James Mc­Gra­na­han, in Gos­pel Hymns No. 5, ed­it­ed by Ira D. San­key, James Mc­Gra­na­han & George C. Steb­bins (New York; Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois & Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio: John Church and Big­low & Main, 1887), num­ber 120 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James McGranahan



A guilty soul, by Pharisees of old,
Was brought accused, alone,
But Jesus said, Let him without a sin
Be first to cast a stone.


There is none righteous, no not one,
All, all have sinned.

There is none righteous,
For all have sinned,
And come short of the glory,
The glory of God,
Come short of the glory,
Come short of the glory,
Of the glory of God.

A learnèd master, ruler of the Jews,
God’s kingdom could not gain,
With all the lore and culture of the age,
He must be born again.


Good Master, pray can aught be lacking yet?
Thy laws I do obey;
Go, sell and give, then come and follow Me,
But sad he turned away.