One fold, and one shepherd.@John 10:16

Mary A. Black, 1878. She wrote these words shortly after the death of her sister.

In Memoriam (Roberts) Caradog Roberts (1878–1935) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Caradog Roberts (1878–1935)

There’s a fold both safe and happy,
Where the little ones may dwell;
And secure the Shepherd guards it,
For the lambs He loves so well.
Through the pleasant fields He leads them,
By the streamlets fresh and clear;
Rest and gladness gives He to them,
And His blessèd voice they hear.

Many of His lambs are resting
In a yet more peaceful fold,
Sheltered from the heat of summer,
Sheltered from the winter’s cold;
In a bright and happy country,
Where ’tis always fresh and fair,
And the presence of the Shepherd
Bideth ever with them there.

Of that fold the doors stand open,
And its rest each one may win;
For the welcome of the Master
Greeteth all who enter in.
Then will be the happy meetings
With the lambs that went before;
One blest fold and one dear Shepherd,
Safe at home forevermore!