Scripture Verse

This Man receiveth sinners. Luke 15:2


Charles H. Gabriel

Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns on God’s Ev­er­last­ing Love 1741.

Music: As­pin­wall Charles H. Ga­bri­el, 1912 (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Charles Wesley


Mrs. Ellen Ince, of Low­ton, Lan­ca­shire…was born in 1769, and in ear­ly life was con­vinced of sin…In re­ply to her in­qu­iry af­ter the way of sal­va­tion, she was ta­ken to a Me­thod­ist cha­pel, where she soon found peace through be­liev­ing in Je­sus. She walked in the fear of the Lord for six­ty-se­ven years.

Of her thir­teen child­ren, nine pre­ced­ed her to hea­ven. The death of her last sur­viv­ing son af­fect­ed her much. A few days be­fore her death, she said of her son, What a glo­ri­ous state he is in, free from his weak and suf­fer­ing bo­dy, in the pre­sence of his Lord! We shall not be part­ed long.

On the morn­ing of the day of the first an­ni­ver­sa­ry of her son’s in­ter­ment, she read the Scrip­tures for two hours, chief­ly in Isai­ah; and on clos­ing the book, she ex­claimed to her daugh­ter, Glo­ry be to God in the high­est for His great love in dy­ing for sin­ners! Lat­er in the day, ha­ving read her hymn book for some time, she re­peat­ed the lines—

We all are forgiven for Jesus’ sake,
Our title to heaven, His merits we take,

And then she added, Now let me rest. I think I can go to sleep. And in a few min­utes she sweet­ly fell asleep in Je­sus, with­out ev­en a sigh, 2nd April, 1854, aged eighty-five years.

Stevenson, p. 19


Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment we find,
So true to Thy Word, so loving and kind!
Thy mercy so tender to all the lost race,
The vilest offender may turn and find grace.

The mercy I feel, to others I show,
I set to my seal that Jesus is true:
Ye all may find favor, who come at His call,
O come to my Savior, His grace is for all!

To save what was lost, from Heaven He came;
Come, sinners, and trust in Jesus’ name.
He offers you pardon; He bids you be free;
If sin be your burden, O come unto Me!

O let me commend my Savior to you,
The publican’s friend and advocate too,
For you He is pleading His merits and death,
With God interceding for sinners beneath.

Then let us submit His grace to receive,
Fall down at His feet and gladly believe:
We all are forgiven for Jesus’ sake:
Our title to Heaven His merits we take.