You hold me by my right hand.@Psalm 73:23

Jessie H. Berry, in The Morning Light!, by Solomon W. Straub (Chicago, Illinois: Root & Sons Music Company, 1880), page 16.

N. A. Bouse (🔊 pdf nwc).

Savior, take my hand in Thine,
Take my hand, oh, take my hand;
For thorny is the way and drear,
O’er which my weary feet have come;
Nor do I see my pathway clear,
The path that I would follow home.


Savior, take my hand, oh, take my hand,
Hear my plea, O Lord, I pray;
Savior, take my hand, oh, take my hand,
Into Thine, O Lord, today.

Savior, hold my hand in Thine,
Hold my hand, oh, hold my hand;
For by the tempter would I fail,
Shouldst Thou withdraw Thy hand from me;
The dangers great appall my soul;
I cling, I cling and hold to Thee.


Savior, keep my hand in Thine,
Keep my hand, oh, keep my hand;
Then I shall safely pass the way,
Though dark and dreary it may be,
Until I reach that blessèd day
When I shall rest in Heav’n with Thee.