Scripture Verse

Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught him.@Matthew 14:31

Words: Fred G. Strick­land, 1892.

Music: Cur­tis V. Strick­land (🔊 pdf nwc).

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O sailor, on life’s stormy sea,
Your boat is driven to’ard the reef;
You do not know the danger near,
Nor feel your need of quick relief.


Take hold the lifeline, hold it fast;
Your danger then will soon be past.
Within your reach the line we throw;
Take hold before you sink below.

The rocks are hidden in the deep,
Your vessel will be shattered there;
Now is the time to save your life,
Disaster comes on unaware.


See! now your boat is in the shoal,
The roaring waves dash o’er its deck;
It breaks in pieces, scatters far,
O sailor, cling not to the wreck!