On earth peace, good will toward men.@Luke 2:14
Robert Lowry (1826–1899)

Julia A. Mathews, in Royal Diadem, edited by Robert Lowry & W. Howard Doane (New York: Biglow & Main, 1873), number 9. Also see Peace upon Earth.

Beaumont Robert Lowry (🔊 pdf nwc).

Sweet peace on earth, good will to men,
The angels now are singing;
Their anthem, caroled thro’ the sky,
In every heart is ringing:


The Christ is come to lead us home,
His star shines forth in glory;
Let every bell the tidings tell,
That all may know the story.

O Christ, their simple gifts to Thee
Thy little ones are bringing;
No gold, or myrrh, or costly gems,
But they are softly singing:


’Tis all that we can do for Thee;
But, even angel voices
Can never sing a nobler song
Than that which earth rejoices: