The Lord is risen indeed.@Luke 24:34

Anzentia I. Chapman, 1885. Appeared in Songs of Worship for the Sunday School, edited by Waldo S. Pratt (New York: Century Company, 1887), number 260.

Anonymous, 1894 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Sweetly the birds are singing
At Easter dawn;
Sweetly the bells are ringing
On Easter morn.
And the words that they say
On Easter day
Are Christ the Lord is ris’n.

Birds! cease ye not your singing
At Easter dawn;
Bells! be ye ever ringing
On Easter morn.
In the spring of the year,
When Easter is here,
Sing Christ the Lord is ris’n.

Buds! ye soon will be flowers,
Cherry and white;
Snow storms will change to showers,
Darkness to light;
With the wakening of spring,
Oh! sweetly sing
Lo! Christ the Lord is ris’n.

Easter buds were growing
Ages ago;
Easter lilies were blowing
By water’s flow.
All nature was glad,
No creature was sad,
For Christ the Lord was ris’n.