They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.@Daniel 12:3

Emily J. Bugbee, in The Sunday School Teacher (Chicago, Illinois: Adams, Blackmer & Lyon), Volume 1, Number 1, January 1866, page 3.

New Braunfels, from The Southern Harmony, by William Walker (1809–1875) (🔊 pdf nwc) (repeats last line of each verse).

William Walker (1809–1875)

Ye shall shine as the stars in the fadeless forever,
Who turn unto Jesus the perishing here,
Who gently are leading the lambs to the pasture
Where floweth the water so cooling and clear.

Then prayerfully, carefully, go to your labors,
And deal with them wisely, the souls of your care,
Never forgetting, though lofty or lowly,
How costly a gem is the spirit they bear.

Souls that look yearningly into your faces,
Catching the beams of the heavenly light,
Turning but slowly from sin’s desert places,
Into the beautiful pathway of light.

Better, by far, than all worldly bestowment,
Is the reward that your service will win;
Turning to righteousness souls of the children,
Stooping to gather the poorest ones in.

Time, with its guerdons of honor and treasure,
Soon will be lost in the measureless sea,
But yonder a crown, that is starred with the glory
Of souls for thy hire, will be waiting for thee.

Then turn not thy hand from the work that’s before thee,
Nor suffer thy heart to grow careless and cold;
The seeds ye are sowing, with patience and prayer,
Ere long will be waving in harvests of gold.

And work, with a will, for the ages are being
Condensed in the cycles of wonderful years;
The tread of the Mighty One goeth before thee,
And soon will the dawn of His brightness appear.

Not long may it be till the Master shall call thee;
Not long till the time of thy mission is o’er—
Then work while the day lasts, and e’er the night’s shadow
Shall gather its gloom, and ye labor no more.