The darkness is past, and the true light now shineth.@1 John 2:8
George W. Chadwick (1854–1931)

Laura W. Rice, in the Missionary Services and Hymnal (Baltimore, Maryland: General Literature Committee of the Woman’s Home & Foreign Missionary Society of the Lutheran Church, 1895), number 54.

Peace George W. Chadwick, 1890 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The sun is sinking o’er the mountains far,
To shine in lands that lie beyond our sight;
Thine own, Oh, Father! all earth’s nations are;
O give them the Light.

Earth hath no shadow like Thy veilèd face,
No sunshine like the knowledge that Thou art.
Shine forth, great Light! in every darkened place;
Make glad each weary heart.

Shine in Thine messengers who bear Thy light,
From home and dear ones though they dwell afar:
Since Thou art with them, may they know no night.
Be Thou their guiding star.

And when Heaven’s morning dawneth for us all,
With earthly sun and shade forever past,
From every land Thou wilt Thy children call,
To dwell in light at last.