Here am I; send me.@Isaiah 6:8

William Crowle, in United Praise, edited by Edmund S. Lorenz & Ira B. Wilson (New York: Lorenz & Company, 1908), number 145.

John S. Fearis (🔊 pdf nwc).

John S. Fearis (1867–1932)

Someone will climb life’s rugged hills;
Someone God’s purpose will fulfill;
Someone will utter wisdom’s code;
Someone will soften sorrow’s road.


Why not, why not?
Why not my tongue the Gospel preach?
Why not my thoughts with wisdom shine?
Why not the Christlike life be mine?

Someone will sing the heart’s glad song;
Someone will help the weak along;
Someone will light the night of gloom;
Someone will cheer the sick one’s room.


Someone will guide the little feet;
Someone the aged with kindness greet;
Someone will love’s sweet balm impart,
Blessing the lonely, dying heart.