In the night His song shall be with me.@Psalm 42:8
John R. Clements (1868–1946)

John R. Clements, in The Century Gospel Songs, edited by Peter Bilhorn (Chicago, Illinois: Bilhorn Brothers, 1901), number 68.

Chiapas Ferd Degen, arranged by Peter P. Bilhorn (🔊 pdf nwc).

Peter P. Bilhorn (1865–1936)

Are you with some sorrow burdened,
On your way no ray of light?
Strain your ear, all Heaven’s watching;
God can give you songs by night.


Weary soul, cease thy repining,
Burdened one, God’s ways are right;
Every cloud has silver lining;
God can give you songs by night.

Paul and Silas, prison fastened,
Shook the jail with earthquake might;
Bands were rent, and doors were opened,
God had given songs by night.


It is oft in saddest moments
That our souls take highest flight;
And to strains of sweetest music
God doth set the songs by night.