The Spirit of holiness.@Romans 1:4
Samuel F. Smith (1808–1895)

Samuel F. Smith, 1841.

Naomi Hans G. Nägeli (1773–1836); arranged by Lowell Mason, 1836 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Hans G. Nägeli (1773–1836)

Spirit of holiness, descend:
Thy people wait for Thee;
Thine ear in kind compassion lend;
Let us Thy mercy see.

Thy light that on our souls hath shone,
Lead us in hope to Thee;
Let us not feel its rays alone,
Alone Thy people be.

O bring our dearest friends to God;
Remember those we love;
Fit them on earth for Thine abode,
Fit them for joys above.

Spirit of holiness, ’tis Thine
To hear our feeble prayer;
Come, for we wait Thy power divine,
Let us Thy mercy share.