Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.@Matthew 11:28
Flavius J. Lutz (1880–1946)

Grace L. Lutz, in The Praise Book for Young People’s Societies, Church Prayer Meetings and Sunday Schools, edited by Howard B. Grose & George B. Graff (Boston, Massachusetts: United Society of Christian Endeavor, 1906).

Ayers Rock Flavius J. Lutz, 1906 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Grace L. H. Lutz (1865–1947)

Soft falls the evening, purple with shadows,
Silently shine out the stars in the sky;
Daylight has faded, earth lies in darkness;
Father in Heaven, we feel Thou art nigh!

Over earth’s sadness floateth Thy comfort;
Those who are weary may come and find rest;
All heavy laden lay down their burden,
With the head pillowed on Thy loving breast.

Here in the silence, kneeling before Thee,
Father in Heaven, our sins we confess;
Bitter repentance, hearts of contrition,
Lord, we would bring Thee: Forgive us and bless!

With Thy belovèd let us be numbered,
Fill us with thankfulness mighty and deep;
Thankful, forgiven, free from all burden,
Let us lie down, Lord, then give us Thy sleep!