Why stand ye gazing up into Heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into Heaven.@Acts 1:11

The Venerable Bede (673–735) (Hymnum canamus gloriae); translated from Latin to English by Benjamin Webb in The Hymnal Noted, 1854.

Tugwood Nicholas C. Gatty, in The English Hymnal (London: Oxford University Press, 1906), number 146 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Venerable Bede (673–735)

Sing we triumphant hymns of praise,
New hymns to Heaven exulting raise:
Christ, by a road before untrod,
Ascendeth to the throne of God.

The holy apostolic band
Upon the Mount of Olives stand,
And with the virgin mother see
Jesu’s resplendent majesty.

To whom the angels, drawing nigh,
Why stand and gaze upon the sky?
This is the Savior!
thus they say,
This is His noble triumph day!

Again ye shall behold Him, so
As ye today have seen Him go;
In glorious pomp ascending high,
Up to the portals of the sky.

O grant us thitherward to tend,
And with unwearied hearts ascend
Toward Thy kingdom’s throne, where Thou
As is our faith, art seated now.

Be Thou our joy and strong defense,
Who art our future recompense:
So shall the light that springs from Thee
Be ours through all eternity.

O risen Christ, ascended Lord,
All praise to Thee let earth accord,
Who art, while endless ages run,
With Father and with Spirit One.