Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.@Revelation 19:6

J. Thurlow Kommer, 1911.

About four years ago J. Thurlow Kommer, a Philadelphia business man, wrote, Sing out your hallelujahs, and of its inception he writes, I had been thinking of God’s tremendous love, particularly as expressed in the gift of His Son, and the great obligation resting upon all His creatures to give Him praise. Mr. Kommer has been writing religious verse for about ten years.

Carl Fowler Price
The Christian Advocate
, November 28, 1912

Oliver George E. Oliver (🔊 pdf nwc).

George E. Oliver (1856–1941)

Sing out your hallelujahs,
Ye ransomed of the Lord!
Sing praise to God our Father,
By myriad hosts adored!
Sing of His grace and glory,
Sing of His love and might!
Join with the choir of Heaven
To sound His praise aright!

Sing out your hallelujahs!
Sing of the victory won
O’er Satan’s demon forces
By God’s eternal Son!
Sing of the fount of cleansing!
Sing of the lost restored!
Sing praises without ceasing
To your redeeming Lord.

Sing out your hallelujahs,
And let your voices rise
In loudest acclamation
Until they reach the skies!
Sing till the songs of Heaven
Shall blend with songs of earth
In glory, laud and honor
To our Redeemer’s worth.