I will sing; yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord.@Psalm 27:6
Fanny Crosby (1820–1915)

Fanny Crosby, in Bright Jewels, by Robert Lowry (New York: Biglow & Main, 1869), number 25.

Sherwin William F. Sherwin (🔊 pdf nwc).

William F. Sherwin (1826–1888)

Sing with a tuneful spirit,
Sing with a cheerful lay,
Praise to thy great creator,
While on the pilgrim way.
Sing when the birds are waking,
Sing with the morning light;
Sing in the noontide’s golden beam,
Sing in the hush of night.

Sing when the heart is troubled,
Sing when the hours are long,
Sing when the storm cloud gathers;
Sweet is the voice of song.
Sing when the sky is darkest,
Sing when the thunders roll;
Sing of a land where rest remains,
Rest for the weary soul.

Sing in the vale of shadows,
Sing in the hour of death,
And when the eyes are closing,
Sing with the latest breath.
Sing till the heart’s deep longings
Cease on the other shore;
Then with the countless numbers there,
Sing on, forever more!