Scripture Verse

Stand fast in the Lord.@Philippians 4:1

Words: Wal­ter J. Math­ams, 1913. Mathams wrote this hymn at the request of the World Convention of the Chris­tian En­dea­vor Society, at Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

Music: St. Paul (Stor­er) Hen­ry J. Stor­er, 1896 (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Walter J. Mathams

Stand fast for Christ thy Savior!
Stand fast whate’er betide!
Keep thou the Faith, unstained, unshamed,
By keeping at His side;
Be faithful, ever faithful,
Where’er thy lot be cast,


Stand fast for Christ thy Savior!
Stand faithful to the last!

Strong founded like a lighthouse,
That stands the storm and shock,
So be thy soul as if it shared
The granite of the rock.
Then far beyond the breakers
Let thy calm light be cast,


Stout-hearted like a soldier,
Who never leaves the fight,
But meets the foeman face to face
And meets him with his might,
So bear thee in thy battles
Until the war be past,


Stand fast for Christ thy Savior!
He once stood fast for thee,
And standeth still, and still shall stand
For all eternity;
Be faithful, O be faithful,
To love so true, so vast,