Send out Thy light and Thy truth.@Psalm 43:3
Edward R. Sill (1841โ€“1887)

Edward R. Sill, The Hermitage (New York: Leypoldt & Holt, 1868).

Garden City Horatio W. Parker, 1890 (๐Ÿ”Š pdf nwc).

Horatio W. Parker (1863โ€“1919)

Send down Thy truth, O God;
Too long the shadows frown;
Too long the darkened way weโ€™ve trod:
Thy truth, O Lord, send down.

Send down Thy Spirit free,
Till wilderness and town
One temple for Thy worship be:
Thy Spirit, O send down.

Send down Thy love, Thy life,
Our lesser lives to crown,
And cleanse them of their hate and strife:
Thy living love send down.

Send down Thy peace, O Lord:
Earthโ€™s bitter voices drown
In one deep ocean of accord:
Thy peace, O God, send down.