Cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?@Luke 13:7
Parable of the Fig Tree
Jan Luyken, Bowyer Bible, 1795

Joseph Harbottle, in the Comprehensive Rippon, 1844.

Aberdeen possibly by Andrew Tait, in James Chalmers’ untitled collection, 1749; melody from Rudiments of Music, by Robert Bremner, 1756 (🔊 pdf nwc).

See how the fruitless fig tree stands
Beneath the owner’s frown;
The axe is lifted in his hands,
To cut the cumberer down.

Year after year I come, he cries,
And still no fruit is shown;
I see but empty leaves arise;
Then cut the cumberer down.

The axe of death at one sharp stroke,
Shall make my justice known;
Each bough shall tremble at the shock
Which cuts the cumberer down.

Sinner, beware—the axe of death
Is raised, and aimed at thee;
Awhile thy Maker spares thy breath;
Beware, O barren tree!