Now we see but a poor reflection…then we shall see face to face.@1 Corinthians 13:12

Lida S. Leech, 1911.

Adam Geibel (🔊 pdf nwc). Geibel wrote this melody after his son-in-law was killed in a steel mill explosion:

Lying sleepless in bed brooding over his personal sorrow and his daughter’s distress, he had suddenly heard a voice saying, Child, you do not understand it now, but some day you’ll understand; some day it will all be plain!…[He] cried out in answer, making the words of the distraught father of a demon-possessed son had spoken to the Lord, his very own words, Yes, Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief! I know that Thou wilt make it plain to me some day.…The following day, Adam wrote out his music and a rough idea of the stanzas he felt would be appropriate, and mailed his manuscript to Mrs. Lida Shivers Leech at her New Jersey home, requesting her to edit his lines and add some lines of her own to complete the poem he needed.

Emurian, pp. 111–12

Adam Geibel (1855–1933)

I do not know why oft ’round me
My hopes all shattered seem to be;
God’s perfect plan I cannot see,
But some day I’ll understand.


Some day He’ll make it plain to me,
Some day when I His face shall see;
Some day from tears I shall be free,
For some day I shall understand.

I cannot tell the depth of love,
Which moves the Father’s heart above;
My faith to test, my love to prove,
But some day I’ll understand.


Tho’ trials come thro’ passing days,
My life will still be filled with praise;
For God will lead thro’ darkened ways,
But some day I’ll understand.