Scripture Verse

The words of the godly encourage many. Proverbs 10:21


Words: R. S. Tay­lor, in The Gol­den Cen­ser, by Will­iam Brad­bury (New York: Will­iam B. Brad­bu­ry, and Iv­i­son, Phin­ney, Blake­man & Com­pa­ny, 1864), page 82.

Music: Will­iam B. Brad­bu­ry (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know Tay­lor’s full name, or where to get a good pic­ture of him (head-and-shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els), would you ?

William B. Bradbury


Scatter smiles, bright smiles
As you pass on your way,
Thro’ this world of toil and care;
Like the beams of the morning that gently play,
They will leave a sunlight there.


Scatter smiles, bright smiles,
Scatter smiles as you pass on your way;
Scatter smiles, bright smiles,
Scatter smiles, bright smiles.

Scatter smiles, bright smiles,
’Tis but little they cost;
But your heart may never know
What a joy they may carry to weary ones
Who are pale with want and woe.


Scatter smiles, bright smiles
O’er the grave of the past,
Where the orphan’s treasure lies;
In the tear drop that glistens there, light will shine,
As the rainbow paints the skies.


Scatter smiles, bright smiles,
O’er the young who have strayed,
From the path where once they trod;
You may lead to the fountain of truth again,
You may bring them home to God.