He is risen from the dead.@Matthew 28:7
Ernst W. Olson (1870–1958)

Frans M. Franzèn, 1811 (Hvad ljus öfver griften). Translated from Swedish to English by Ernst W. Olson (1870–1958).

Niels Jespersön’s Gradual, 1573 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Frans M. Franzèn (1772–1847)

The Savior is risen, light bursts from the tomb;
The living fulfillment of Scripture is come.
Adored by the angels, the Victor comes forth
To claim for His kingdom the ransomed on earth.
The seal has been broken, the stone rolled away,
And fled are the watchers in fear and dismay;
Hell trembles before Him. Hallelujah.

Light grappled with darkness, death wrestled with life;
Now light comes triumphant from out the dread strife.
While death lieth vanquished, hope kindles again
The torch of the faithful to shine among men.
Ye sorrowing women who hither have sped,
Why seek ye the living today ’mongst the dead?
For Jesus is risen. Hallelujah.

Now God in His Heaven and man are at one,
The grave is a pathway, through Christ, to the throne.
Ye friends that are bending in grief at the cross,
Now lift your heads gladly, ye suffered no loss.
O flock, scattered widely, return to the fold:
Thy Shepherd still liveth, and now as of old,
He leadeth thee God-ward. Hallelujah.

’Mid storms and upheavals His Church stands secure.
The truth of His Gospel shall ever endure.
Lo! unto all peoples His message shall speed,
Proclaiming ’mid turmoil the Lord’s mighty deed,
Proclaiming the Savior who died for all men,
And, having arisen, now liveth again,
Firstfruits of the sleeping. Hallelujah.

Then weep not, ye faithful, yield not to despair:
The night soon is over, the day shall appear.
Tho’ earth shall embrace you when death lays you low,
The seed of His sowing to harvests will grow;
And soon shall the Sower return to His field
With angels to gather its heavenly yield,
From evil tares severed. Hallelujah.