Mighty to save.@Isaiah 63:1

Etta S. Cripe, in Rodeheaver’s Gospel Songs, by Homer A. Rodeheaver & Charles H. Gabriel (Chicago, Illinois: Rodeheaver Company, 1922), number 30.

Edyth H. Hay (🔊 pdf nwc).

On the earth, long ago, dwelt the Savior of men
As a lowly and meek Nazarene;
And His wonderful pow’r is the same now as then—
For He washed me and made me clean.


Oh, the wondrous saving power,
Oh, the marvelous saving power,
Of the everlasting Prince, Savior, King;
For He washed me in the flood
Of his precious, saving blood,
And forever His praise I’ll sing.

He invited the poor and the halt and the blind;
Whosoever might call on His name!
He was able to save, He was wondrously kind,
And today He is just the same.


Some glad day we shall dwell with the meek Nazarene,
When this life and its trials are o’er;
When we’re washed and redeemed and made free from our sin,
We shall rest on that heav’nly shore.