Help me overcome my unbelief!@Mark 9:24

T. S. Perry, in Hymns of Christian Endeavor, by Samuel W. Adriance (Boston, Massachusetts: United Society of Christian Endeavor, 1888), number 81.

Remsberg Wilson L. Remsberg (🔊 pdf nwc).

Wilson L. Remsberg (1848–1944)

Savior, I have need of Thee;
Faith is faint, and hope is weak;
Far and farther seems to be
That fair home of Thine I seek;
Home and rest, and peace divine
From my seeking seem to flee;
Yet, dear Savior, I am Thine;
Come, for I have need of Thee.

Let me know that love of Thine
Which all knowledge passeth still;
Let me feel Thy peace divine:
All my spirit sweetly fill;
Life of my life wilt Thou be;
Then betide whatever may,
It shall be enough for me,
I shall walk with Thee today.