Justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.@Romans 5:9

Enoch H. Leizure, in Sowing and Reaping, by John H. Kurzenknabe (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: J. H. Kurzenknabe & Sons, 1889), number 142.

Bruno R. Spangenberg (🔊 pdf nwc).

Bruno R. Spangenberg (1851–1937)

See yon bark amid the breakers,
Struggling hard to reach the land;
See those brave and noble sailors,
As they labor hand to hand:
Lightnings flashing, thunders roaring,
Dangers threaten all around;
Yet their courage does not fail them,
Hoping safety may be found.


Saved! oh, blessèd thought to cherish;
Saved! we see the golden shore;
Clinging to the cross of Jesus,
There is safety evermore.

Soon the storm begins to weaken,
Light breaks forth, the tempest’s past;
Onward speeds the noble vessel,
Onward, onward, saved at last:
Then those hearts are filled with gladness,
Fear and sorrow reign no more;
Saved from shipwreck, free from danger,
Saved! yes, saved! the storm is o’er.


Oh! how oft the storms o’ertake us,
As through life we wend our way;
Clouds of darkness hang above us,
Shutting out the sun’s bright ray:
Then we lift our eyes to Heaven,
Gazing t’ward th’eternal day;
And the light grows brighter, brighter,
Ent’ring Heaven—saved for aye!