Scripture Verse

Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what He hath done for my soul. Psalm 66:16


John Newton

Words: John New­ton, Ol­ney Hymns (Lon­don: W. Ol­iv­er, 1779), Book 3, num­ber 54. Hear what He has done for my soul!

Music: St. George’s Wind­sor George J. El­vey, 1858 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George J. Elvey


Saved by blood I live to tell,
What the love of Christ hath done;
He redeemed my soul from hell,
Of a rebel made a son:
Oh I tremble still, to think
How secure I lived in sin;
Sporting on destruction’s brink,
Yet preserved from falling in.

In His own appointed hour,
To my heart the Savior spoke,
Touched me by His Spirit’s power,
And my dangerous slumber broke.
Then I saw and owned my guilt,
Soon my gracious Lord replied;
Fear not, I My blood have spilt,
’Twas for such as thee I died.

Shame and wonder, joy and love,
All at once possessed my heart;
Can I hope Thy grace to prove,
After acting such a part?
Thou hast greatly sinned, He said,
But I freely all forgive;
I Myself thy debt have paid,
Now I bid thee rise and live.

Come, my fellow sinners, try,
Jesus’ heart is full of love;
Oh that you, as well as I,
May His wondrous mercy prove!
He has sent me to declare,
All is ready, all is free;
Why should any soul despair,
When He saved a wretch like me?